Woman jumps in front of train – yet body that was recovered looks like a different person!

A gentleman who is a freight conductor reports:

“I am a freight conductor.  One day we accidently hit a young lady walking between the two main tracks that we were travelling on at about 5am.  It was a premeditated suicide and a horrendous scene to have witnessed.

One body – two different people

While dead bodies in themselves are difficult enough to deal with, the strangest thing about the lady that we were unfortunate enough to indulge with her request to leave this plane was that the body that was recovered looked nothing like the lady that we saw walking between the tracks.  It was like the lady and the body were two different people.

The woman that I saw was white, heavy set, and in her late 40s.   She was walking toward the train leaning out in front of us.  When the brakeman and I myself walked back to find the woman, what we found did not match what I had seen. She did not go under the train, so she was mostly in one piece. We found a Latina woman who was very thin.

I later found out that the Latina woman was in her early 20s.  Now I thought I was crazy, but the brakeman started asking me if we had hit two people, and described the woman in her 40s as the same one as I had seen. Needless to say we only hit one person.   The brakeman and I were convinced that this young girl was possessed by some sort of evil entity and the face I saw before we hit her still pops into my mind occasionally – it was evil, twisted and full of pain,” he concludes.