Ten reasons why choose Aerospeed Couriers!

Why Choose Aerospeed Couriers?

Here are ten reasons why you should choose Aerospeed Couriers!

  1. Aerospeed Couriers is represented by multiple courier networks both nationally and internationally. The benefit is that Aerospeed Couriers can safely , reliably and speedily get your parcels to destination in the fastest possible time. Aerospeed couriers is often able to offer a faster delivery service then a standalone courier can. Aerospeed Couriers has an extensive network with access to over 1 million staff members, 3000 freight aircraft (excluding hundreds of commercial passenger flights) and 200 thousand vehicles. Our company delivers to every country, city and town on the globe. Aerospeed Couriers is represented in more countries then the United Nations. Aerospeed Couriers deals with a consolidated network that handles approximately 10 million parcels per day, 24/7/365.
  2. Aerospeed Couriers continuously negotiates with its supplier network to give you the most cost effective rates for your express courier needs.
  3. Aerospeed Couries does NOT have a call centre. All our calls are answered within 4 rings and you speak to a real person. All emails received from our clients and customers are attended to promptly. Clients are known by their name not an account number.
  4. Aerospeed Couriers is fully committed to empowerment and upliftment within South Africa. Aerospeed Couriers is a proudly South African company and all profits and proceeds of our business stay in South Africa, thus benefiting our local economy.
  5. Aerospeed Couriers has a flexible accounting system and will provide you with one consolidated bill for all your courier activities. The benefit is easier reconciliation for you admin staff. Invoices are automatically emailed at month end or whenever required.
  6. Aerospeed Couriers deals with Quality not Quantity shipments, so all shipments that are processed by us, receive the best individual attention. From packaging, labelling and shipping to final delivery, your precious consignment is handled like a baby. All parcels are individually barcoded and can be tracked and traced via the internet anywhere in the world.
  7. Aerospeed Couriers follows up your consignment from the time it is collected till the time it is delivered. Our clients then receive an automatic proof of delivery which is immediately sent to your email box. This enables our clients to make sure that parcels reach the desired recipient within organisations timeously.
  8. Aerospeed Couriers was established in 1993 and our senior staff collectively have over 80 years of experience dealing with your valuable shipments.
  9. Aerospeed Couriers offers a wide range of services from the most speedy to the most cost effective. If you have an envelope that needs to be delivered overnight to New York or a sea freight container to Shanghai, we are geared up to handle it in the most convenient way for you, our client.
  10. Aerospeed Couriers buys you a little extra time and saves you the cost of time.

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