Sending and receiving a request for a courier
service – systems

The basic technologies that facilitate and optimize the sending and receiving of a courier service request are the ERP systems, the software of customer’s address identification via GPS coordinates, the software tracking online coordinates send from phone/ tablet/ computer and mobile applications.

Additionally, an innovation in terms of flexibility of receiving/sending shipments is the ability to use automated key positions with increased traffic and workload.

The ERP system, integrated in the courier business, automates the process of receiving requests, creating a bill of lading number, sending reminders (via email or SMS) to customers, and integrating the information into other transport and tracking systems. ERP systems are part of the technologies that are a prerequisite for improving the efficiency and effectiveness, and directly affect time factor, human resources, accessibility and financial resources. The ERP systems reduce the chance of technical error by automatically
transferring the data to the specified systems.