That parcel might just be a scam – Things are not always as they seem so please be on the lookout

According to an IOL article, early in 2017, the SA Post Office warned the public to be on the lookout for a parcel delivery scam that involves members of the public receiving a phone call from an individual claiming to be from the customs division of the Post Office.  The unidentified caller then informs the individual concerned that a parcel that has been sent to them is ready for collection.  However, the individual is then instructed to pay money into an account, supposedly to cover customs duties and courier fees.

The unsuspecting consumer is then directed to a website that appears similar to a courier company website.  However, the phone number on the site has a UK dialling code and customers are then given a pin which needs to be entered so that the parcel can be tracked.

Consumers need to be aware that the Post Office will never use a pin number for its tracking services and does not ask customers to make any payments prior to a parcel being received.

419 Scam

In 2016, the Post Office issued a warning to inform consumers of a scam whereby people are duped into handing over large sums of money into a fraudulent Postbank account.  The scam, which was dubbed under the category of ‘419 scam’ involved an off-line social manufacturing ploy whereby consumers receive a sealed package together with a certificate claiming that a large deposit has been made into a Postbank account.    To activate this account, one is required to pay a certain amount of cash into another account.

At Aerospeed Couriers we go the extra mile in keeping our customers informed of any illegal activities in the courier services industry which may be instituted against them.  Please be on the lookout, and if in doubt give us a call and we will assist you where possible.