Man sees ghost of crash victim walking away from train derailment wreckage

A freight train driver reports:

“My dad, a freight train driver who is mostly a ‘no nonsense’ type of man, came home one night after having witnessed a train derailment looking as white as a sheet.

He told my mother that while he was walking towards the wreckage he met a man walking away from the derailment, which man was walking in the middle of the woods.

My dad didn’t think this was too out of the ordinary since people inspect wrecks and derailments as a matter of course.   Anyway, once my dad reaches the site of the crash he discovers that the cause of the derailment appears to be a truck that had been hit off the road and pushed by the train’s engine.   Now, none of this appears strange in itself until my dad sees the body of the deceased man in the truck that was struck off the highway… which looked like a beaten up version of the man he saw on the way to the derailment.”