The impact of technology on the management of the overall courier services process – The Internet of Things

The overall management of logistics services over recent years is based on a widespread use of computers, software with embedded algorithms are laying the basis of optimizing and automating the courier service process. The courier business is actively using technology innovations such as Internet of things, big data analytics, Cloud space and services, and the so-called IT self-learning systems .

The adaptation of these innovations to some extent affects the efficiency of courier services. They are in the core of digitizing the logistics business process and creating a completely new level of interaction between customers and providers.

The Internet of Things is a technology that is widely used in courier services. It is fundamental in achieving an integrated process for connecting data, people, processes, techniques and other physical objects to create an intelligent environment with a coherent digital and physical environment. This is an innovation which enables data exchange between objects and subjects that so far were not able to be digitally bound. Internet of Things is a technology that allows you to monitor the location and status of shipments, people, assets, to automate and coordinate the process in its individual steps, and to improve quality and predictability. This affects the effectiveness of communicating with users, storing, transporting, and managing the process. It is performed by various sensors, transducers, emitting pulses and others.