How do I go about choosing the right courier service that will ensure that my parcel is delivered economically and efficiently?

A courier differs from an ordinary mail service in that it offers features such as security, speed, tracking, signature, specialisation and individualisation of express services as well as swift delivery times.  As a premium service, a courier is often more expensive than a standard mail service and using a courier is usually limited to parcels where one or more of these features are important enough to justify the costs.

Choosing the right delivery service to meet your needs

  • Type of service required

Economy and efficiency will largely be determined by the size and number of parcels and destination.  For large volumes of material over a long distance, a regional or national freight carrier is the best option.  For same-day delivery of small parcels and documents within your local area, a local courier is the best option.

  • Security

When considering using a local courier company, ensure that they are licensed and that their vehicles and drivers are well-identified.

  • Speed

Fast delivery is often a critical consideration.  Choose a service that offers options such as overnight, same-day or two to three hour emergency delivery services.

  • Special needs

Ask your courier service upfront whether they cater for special needs services such as oversized parcels or the delivery of perishable or hazardous goods.

  • Pricing

Often, the advertised price is not always the final price since there may be hidden costs that can considerably increase the delivery price.  It is always a wise to establish final price before making a commitment.

  • Customer Experience

The value of the customer experience cannot be ignored.  Choose a company that has friendly and helpful staff and is pleasant to deal with.

There may not be a single delivery service that will suit every need for every occasion and you may decide to use multiple companies.  However, the guidelines outlined above will go a long way to help you make the best decisions when choosing the right courier service.

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