History of Air Freight Services

People have been using freight services for hundreds of years and that includes for courier services purposes also.


Can you believe that in the beginning, caravans were used in order to transport items from one place to another.  However, following the introduction of aviation technologies, these shippers were looking for other practical uses for airplanes. One of the ideas that hey came up with was to introduce freight shipping to air carriers. The first demonstration of air freight was in November 1910 when a company in Dayton, Ohio, USA wanted to ship a bolt of silk to Columbus, Ohio.

In the USA the volume of freight shipping drastically increased over the years

The rapid rise of shipping volumes in the USA

In 1927 there were about 46,000 pounds of items shipped in the USA, however, by 1927 (just two years later) this figure grew substantially to 257,000 pounds. The introduction of air freight also allowed many businesses to keep less inventory on hand. This enabled companies to create and produce different types of products that they could sell to consumers with the extra storage space.