COURIERS   Johannesburg to Louis Trichardt

COURIERS Johannesburg to Louis Trichardt

Track trace is a method of tracking parcels sent by a number of post offices and courier companies, worldwide. We at Aerospeed Couriers, have our own   tracking service, so it is not necessary to use track trace. Although track trace is a good idea, it is far better to use a the company’s own system directly. Most large courier companies have a track trace of some means or other. So this is not a unique idea, but more an idea that consolidates a general method used by numerous other companies. Rather use the parcel tracking method of the company itself. What is tracking? It is a method of following your parcel through the system. Courier companies use a wheel and spoke method of carrying parcels. Thus there are various stages in the process. The parcel is collected and taken to the company’s central where the means of transport is chosen. The mode of transport is chosen by the customer and is dependent on the speed of delivery chosen by the customer. Large bulky parcels which do not require speedy delivery usually go by road freight. Express deliveries go by air. Whatever   the mode of transport chosen, the next stage involves delivery to the company’s central office. Here parcels are sorted and into destination and mode of transport. They are then taken either to the airport or the road freight depot. In either case they are then immediately dispatched by air or road. At the various destinations, the courier company collects the parcels and takes it to their branch offices from where they are dispatched to their final destinations. The track trace, enables the customer to see exactly where their parcel is at any particular moment, whether it in transit or at any stage in its carriage. However, when using a reliable company it is almost unnecessary to use track trace.


Suburb Street PO Box
Alldays 0909 0909
Braambos Military Base 0954
Bungeni 0960
Buysdorp 0923 0923
Elim Hospitaal 0960 0960
Elim Hospital 0960 0960
Elti Villas 0920 0922
Elti Villas Ext 1 0920 0920
Elti Villas Uit 1 0920 0920
Fumani 0937
Kutama 0940 0940
Kutama Village 0940 0940
Mabetha Mamadi 0939
Mara 0934
Mashamba 0942 0942
Mashau 0943 0943
Mbokota 0917
Mopane 0925 0925
Mundzhedzi 0948 0948
Munzhedzi 0948 0948
Suburb Street PO Box
Muwaweni 0949 0949
Muwaweni Village 0949 0949
Sifahla 0957
Sinthumule 0921 0921
Tshipise 0901 0901
Valdezia 0935 0935
Vivo 0924 0924
Waterpoort 0905 0905


COURIERS   Johannesburg to Louis Trichardt
COURIERS Johannesburg to Louis Trichardt