About Aerospeed Couriers

About Aerospeed Couriers

Aerospeed Couriers is a South African courier company that was established in 1993. The company was built on the principle of providing business customers as well as private individuals with a full range of customized express courier, logistic and transportation solutions.

Aerospeed Courier has a mission to deliver excellent and high efficiency in all fields of transportation so that our customer experiences a “one stop shop”. All our staff take complete and absolute responsibility for your precious consignments. Aerospeed Couriers aims at becoming the preferred professional distribution partner for all our customers. Aerospeed Couriers’ clients are treated as names not numbers and we often become friends with our clients. This is the real difference! Personalized flexibility and cost effectiveness are what we endeavour to provide to each and every customer.

Aerospeed Couriers is managed by people who have been in the courier business for twenty years, and have all the skills. We are committed to providing a high quality international and domestic courier services. Unlike all other Courier Companies, we admit to using agents (as they do) and turn this into a positive advantage for clients. When discussing your requirements with an Aerospeed Consultant, it is similar to having 10 courier companies at your disposal saving you time, money and frustration in deciding who is best to use for a particular destination. Aerospeed Couriers recognises that your needs are specific to you and adapt our service to your needs- we collect at ALL hours, 24 hours a day throughout the year. Aerospeed Couriers’ network gives your company the added advantage of a multiple courier networks, resulting in enhanced service levels all round.

Aerospeed fully supports Affirmative Action. When you use Aerospeed you support a South African company that has employees that have been reaping the benefits of Affirmative Action for up to 20 years! For instance Mr Eddie Maduna has worked his way up from entry-level clerk to executive level with profit sharing. Over two thirds of our staff compliment are from the previously disadvantaged. We also have and presently employ individuals who are physically or mentally challenged.

A call to us at +2711 786 5586 or +2711 440-2709 gives you delivery or collection anywhere in the world!

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